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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Effortless Style.

Effortless Style?
Hmm!! How do I do that?
 Some men ask themselves that question all the time. To all the men out there, is not that hard, really. Most guys think that if you look stylish or "Metrosexual" is bad or is going to “far”.
Guys, NO! Is not true, believe me, actually society would appreciate if you just get rid of your worn out Nike, that old baseball hat, and your XXL college sweater. You are not 12 years old any more.

Think about it this way, what girl would find that attractive.
Women nowadays want to see a gentleman. They pay attention to little details such as what kind of shoes you are wearing, if they are clean and they play close attention to your hair. So yep, get rid of that ridiculous baseball hat. If you are trying to hide your thin line, guys! Please own it. The majority of women and, I would actually dare to say that even the100%, like to see you own it.

Here I am going to share a couple of ideas how you can bust up your wardrobe. Not too fancy, not too trashy.

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