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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dolce&Gabanna Summer 2013

Summer 2012 is almost over,however seems like Dominico and Stefano had already launched their Summer 2013 Men' Fashion Show.With the high prestige that these two designers have and with the extraordinary  glamorous fashion shows we are customarily to watch. This time they decided to shock us  and  use real people from Sicilia instead of chiseled, perfected models. Using a real band playing corky music during the show was out of the ordinary, but this is how and why Dolce&Gabanna continuously amaze the public.
Dolce&Gabanna collection for the summer 2013 was a little surprising and disappointing. When I saw the garments walk down the runway was disillusioning and also not sure if I was in fact watching a D&G fashion show. The shirts were disproportioned and some of the pants had pleads and were short at the ankles. The outfits were paired up with double breasted blazer jackets giving the ensemble a bit clownish. Some of the shirts had kimono sleeve and the slacks were high-waist which was not complementing for any of the models body shape,it gave the effect as if they had short torsos.
The entire line of shorts was remarkable and impeccable as expected, fascinating prints and charming colors gave an interesting touch to the collection. They came in earth and neutral color; some were stripped and other had serene color tones with a silky appearance. Square cut and short lengths complemented the silhouette and absolutely ready-to-wear.
The capris were one of the eye catching garments and enjoyable to watch walk down the runway, definitely making it a trickle up from the streets of Sicilia.The capris and the great tank tops together gave a very chic and young look. the stripe tank paired up with capris is what every one was expecting from D&G. and obviously the aesthetic we always expect 
Crew neck line almost scooped with stripes shirt were a most have for the modern man that wants to look current and stylish on a Sunday afternoon. The fabric used on these garments are very light and comfortable. 
These tops can be paired up with denim pants, shorts, and even dressy slacks.The collection has several Exuberant   pieces. The typical D&G black Henley shirts were astonishing and elegant as expected. Overall, this fashion show was full of surprises.

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